A New World is Coming? [Guest Podcast]

Alex Krainer, Tom Luongo and me on Crypto Rich podcast, discussing global geopolitics, past, and future.

Last night I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend Alex Krainer, and the brilliant Tom Luongo, hosted by Rich on his podcast.

Our conversation delved into the geopolitical implications of recent events in the Middle East, including the presence of the head of the Russian central bank in the region. We discussed the potential establishment of a new financial architecture and the rejection of the US dollar for oil trade. The historical context of the Yom Kippur War was presented, along with Russia's strategy in the Middle East. We also touched on the impact of oil price manipulation on inflation and interest rates, as well as intentions behind the Israel-Gaza conflict. We concluded with the murky nature of American politics, and a bit of climate agenda. Hope you get value out of our discussion.  

My takeaways:

  • The presence of the head of the Russian central bank in the Middle East suggests the establishment of a new financial architecture.

  • The rejection of the US dollar for oil trade by the UAE indicates a shift away from the traditional financial system.

  • Russia's strategy in the Middle East has positioned it as a key player in the region.

  • The manipulation of oil prices can have significant implications for inflation and interest rates.

  • The Israel-Gaza conflict is part of a larger geopolitical picture with potential consequences for the region and beyond.

  • American politics is complex, with various factions vying for power and influence. The political landscape is often characterized by unpalatable choices and a lack of viable options.

  • European politics is facing challenges, with countries like Spain, Poland and Germany experiencing political fractures.

  • Qatar plays a significant role in funding terrorism and influencing political agendas.

  • The financial markets and monetary policy have a significant impact on corruption and political control.

  • The year ahead is expected to see major changes in the political and financial landscape, with collateral and oil playing crucial roles.

The episode is now also on YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Rumble and more:

We talked about:

00:00 Introduction
03:05 The Presence of the Russian Central Bank Head's  in the Middle East
04:02 Speculations on a New Financial Architecture
05:29 The UAE's Rejection of Dollars for Oil Trade
06:28 Possible Redrawing of Borders in Israel and Palestine and Historical Context of the Yom Kippur War
09:18 Russia's Strategy in the Middle East
12:10 The Role of Donald Trump in Shifting Power Dynamics
14:28 The Split Between Europe and the Anglosphere
19:17 Russia's Extrication from the Dollar
20:16 Potential Break of the Saudi Rial Peg to the Dollar
36:31 The Israel-Gaza Conflict in the Global Macro Picture
50:20 The Murky Nature of American Politics and the Emergence of a Radical Center
52:35 European Politics and the Euro
53:10 The Role of Wall Street in Politics and Trump’s Tariffs as a Stumbling Block
56:08 The Possibility of Trump's Nomination
58:28 The Battle for Control and Corruption and The Impact of Monetary Policy and the Financial Markets
01:02:15 The State of Europe, the EU and Green Energy Plans
01:16:49 The Influence of Retired Major Generals in Israel
01:19:33 Qatar's Role in Funding Terrorism
01:25:08 The Influence of Elon Musk's Visit to Israel
01:28:05 The Year of Collateral and Importance of Oil

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