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"Hi Mom!"😂

This made me laugh right off the bat😄

Excellent discussion!

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LOL me too :) it was a solid fun discussion

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Fun listening. Glad your brought up the puzzle of why are these incompetent ruling I. A question for our times!

A curiosity.

In the end their goals are a failure, as was the initiating of the Ukraine War for profit, Hegemon or whatever the dumb reason was.

It’s utterly destructive for prosperity, human life and an indication of where they will take the planet with all its living creatures.

Zero potential.

Mathias Desmet works on this about the madness of totalitarianism.

Good angle Alex.

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Excellent insights. Yes of course Oct 7 didn’t happen for no reason. I need to listen to the podcast a second time to fully absorb and consider implications. Crashing the dollar is looking more likely. Factor in “The Great Taking” theme and people will be clamoring for CBDC to buy a gallon of milk.

Ticker symbol YPF, Argentina’s state controlled oil company is having a nice run since the election.....

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You keep very good and informed, and often very funny, company Efrat, another amazing and enlightening broadcast, thank you once again.!

Yah bless Sister <3

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Many thanks Mart, and thanks for following all the content!

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You Can "Pull a Vladimir Putin" in Those United States

In fact, it's highly recommended.  It's either you or them, and you get to choose. 

Like everything else, the Con Men have tried to substitute themselves as "the Protected Ones". 

This phrase comes up in all three major jurisdictions -- air, land, and sea. 

In the air, it refers to those who are protected in the End Times, those who will not  suffer a hair on their heads to be damaged.  These are protected by the Angels of the True God; nothing sent against them will succeed. 

On the land, it refers to us, the hapless American people, who are supposed to be internationally protected while our government is purportedly in interregnum.  This is largely the result of Russia's support against Britain's maneuvers and finagling to overcome our sovereignty as well as to pick our pockets clean.  

On the sea, it has been taken to mean (without any authority) the members of the U.S. Territorial Congress, people who, for the most part, don't deserve respect or protection -- especially after mandating that everyone else should be jabbed with genome-altering mRNA injections, but they and their families should be exempt. 

In These United States, we are at peace and have been at peace since 1814, so it would be insupportable to involve our population in any fistacuffs between rival corporations. 

In Those United States, King Charlie's version of "United States" and the Pope's version of "UNITED STATES", both, it's a wild free-for-all with lawlessness and lies, deceit, corruption, debauchery, and blackmail being the order of the day --and criminals running loose in every direction, especially at the Mexican Border and in the District of Columbia.   

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All trade is settled electronically and the currency "used and/or asked for" doesn't matter. What matters what currency holds the highest value at the time and that is usually the US$. If you use pesos you will have to come up with 10 to 20 times as much pesos as you would $. Same with all other currencies.

This so primarily because we back up the $ with over 800 military bases all around the world. Dedollarization, replacement of the $ as world reserve would require the demilitarization of the globe of US military and covert organizations.

It could happen but not in a nice way and certainly not through good intentions.

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