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I cover politics, health, climate, money, economics & bitcoin, propaganda, and more. From time to time I cover the state of affairs in Israel, the broader picture of global events, and our role as sovereign citizens.

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I’m a marketing expert and former CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of global companies, turned into an independent journalist when the void left by the mainstream media and their lies became too big to bear. I strive to uncover the hidden truth from Israel and report it to the world, and bring the world’s hidden reality to uninformed Israelis. So today I’m a full time journalist, podcaster and public speaker, who likes hosting Twitter Spaces from time to time. I write for Bereshit - one of the only non-censored papers in Israel. Most importantly, I'm a mother to a 14 years old gorgeous boy.

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I cover economics, politics, money, bitcoin, health & climate, to encourage personal sovereignty & freedom - from Israel, the “world’s lab”. Check out my podcast episodes, interviews, lectures, panels & original articles.


Journalist | Podcaster | Writes for Bereshit Newspaper & my Substack | Twitter Spaces host | Marketing expert | Allergic to tyranny | Human rights & freedom activist