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JUST IN: Assassination Attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

Are Fico's stands and the assassination attempt merely a coincidence?

Earlier today, Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, was shot several times in an assassination attempt.

• Fico was strongly against mandates & forced vaccinations, in January announced he'll investigate Politicians and over purchase of medical devices & vaccines.

• He strongly rejected the WHO pandemic treaty and expanding the powers of the WHO - see speech from Nov. 2023.

Only 5 days ago, Slovakia announced it will be pulling out of the WHO treaty:


CNN adds: "Fico had pledged an immediate end to Slovak military support for Ukraine and promised to block Ukraine’s NATO ambitions in what would upend Slovakia’s staunch backing for Ukraine."

Quoting MJTruthUltra from Twitter:

“What Happened?

  • Fico was taken to hospital after being shot several times at close range.

  • The shooting happened in Handlova, about 90 miles northeast of the capital of Bratislava.

  • An official statement released states that he is in critical condition.

  • "He was shot multiple times and is currently in a life-threatening condition. At this moment he's being transported by helicopter to Banská Bystrica, because it would take too long to get to Bratislava ... The next few hours will decide."

  • "Utterly shocked by today's brutal attack on Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, which I condemn in strongest possible terms," Slovakia President Zuzana Čaputová wrote on X.

  • A suspect he been taken into custody”

Latest updates:

Apparently these are the assassin’s words from this evening: “I don’t agree with the government’s policies”.

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Are Fico's stands and the assassination attempt merely a coincidence?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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