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UK Geoengineering FOI Request Leads To Multiple Projects, Massive Funding & Global Ties

Independent journalist Lewis Brackpool analyzed overwhelming amounts of information received recently, revealing UK government & other entities heavy involvement in geoengineering projects

Please watch the excellent video created by Lewis Brackpool, diving deeper into the hot topic of geoengineering, also known as climate engineering, modification or intervention, or as most people call it: “chemtrails”.

🚨✈️ Here's what Lewis found after submitting an FOI Request about Geoengineering in the UK

Main takeaways:

  • £152,046 from the Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme, funded by various UK government departments.

  • The Met Office received $200,000 from an NGO called SilverLining which has links to Congress, The UN, The World Economic Forum and more.

  • The UKRI revealed that there have been over 327 projects, with an additional 7 results for 'stratospheric aerosol injection' funded in British universities.

  • There was only one public dialogue on geoengineering but it was in 2011.

  • When given 25 scientific publications on geoengineering, the majority of the studies outlined the dangers of the practice including health risks, implementation uncertainties, and unforeseen ecological impacts.

This investigation is ongoing.

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