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2023, You Blew Me Away

Embracing change: reflecting on the transformative waves of 2023
(This clip is from Dr. Ahmad Malik’s podcast - full episode here)

2023 was one of the most transformational years I’ve ever experienced. I’m sure many of you would identify with that.

As we have witnessed western 'democracies' further stripping down their masks, showing us their true authoritarian faces, we realize the importance of preparing ourselves for rough times to come.

We thought Covid was hard… it was just our basic training for what’s ahead, the opening shot for a long list of shenanigans.

Those who are well aware of global agendas and their deep rabbit holes, have seen some of the “conspiracy theories” being validated in 2023. Unelected officials, elitists, politicians, public servants and other puppeteers have said many quiet parts out loud, exposing their true plans for the plebs. Those of us paying attention have been capturing their words and actions as reinforcing evidence, presenting them to the public - in the hope they wake up from their cushy slumber into the harsh matrix reality we all live in.

Breaking down to rise back up

2023 showed us that parallel realities do exist. The rough awakening process we experience, teaches us how powerful our minds can be in creating the reality we live in: thoughts, beliefs, feelings, are all energies moving through our bodies, and the more we can be ‘the observer’, rather than blindly be led by them, the more powerful we discover we are. As hard as events around us can be, if we allow ourselves to break down from time to time, feel the pain and just feel it all, we rise back up, stronger and more centered. Some of us may even discover we act as mental stabilizers for those around us. With a strong center and a shining light, we show the way - just like a lighthouse in stormy weather.

Dec. 25, 2023, Cape Schanck Lighthouse, Victoria, Australia

Some of us may discover we act as mental stabilizers for those around us. With a strong center and a shining light, we show the way - just like a lighthouse in stormy weather.

2023 surfaced many repressed, undealt with, traumas; Traumas on the individual level, but also on the group and collective level. It’s as if these shadows that were nicely tucked in under the rug, have decided to sit down to the dinner table with us this year, and there’s nowhere to run from them…

Challenging the dogmas

On the collective level, dogmas are resurfacing; they’re being reiterated as truths by many, and being challenged and questioned by some. Those who are not afraid to stand out of the crowd and point the emperor has no clothes, are challenging old collective beliefs about their tribe in the pursuit of showing there’s another way.

Courageously dealing with the resurfaced traumas - whether individual or collective - creates space to handle our complex matrix, while bringing us closer to remember who we truly are, and what’s our mission in life. I hope you can continue your journey of staring shadow in the face, rather than looking away, or even worst - trying to shove it back under the rug.

The only thing constant in life is change

2023 have brought forth many changes in our lives too. Personally I’ve experienced many changes, and so did many around me. We normally live under the illusion of stability in life; we try to preserve reality in a state we’re comfortable with, believing it can be preserved. But that’s not possible. Life is energy, and life is constantly changing, and our ability to adapt to those changes will determine our quality of life.
When we hold on to things, and resist change, we perpetuate reality and delay our development. Learning to accept reality radically, helps immensely.

Quoting my friend, Matan Hakimi: “The most significant thing to do during this period is to embrace reality with radical acceptance—what happens, happens. If I refuse to accept reality and resist it, I end up as a victim, losing energy and experiencing suffering. Once I accept reality, I can attune to a life frequency that allows action, enabling me to address what's possible. There are moments for action and moments when there might not be, but acknowledging reality must precede any action on my part.
Can I utilize my consciousness to serve myself and those around me during this time, or would I rather let life's circumstances drive me further to a point where I feel I have no choice but inaction?”

Heraclitus quote: The only thing constant is change

One type of change many of us face is letting go of relationships that don’t resonate with us anymore, or don’t contribute to us, let alone drain our energy. During 2023 I had the privilege of meeting amazing, kind and loving humans all around the world, whom I connected deeply with. Your love and kindness are very significant, even if you don’t think or know that. Make time in 2024 to extend them to others.

What’s in store, 2024?

Many turbulent events and big changes are in store for us in 2024 (and I suspect for a good few years to come). Some of them are planned by the powers that be, some are piggybacked or blown out of proportion by evil forces, some are organically created by obedience and compliance of the masses, and some may actually be real (yes yes, disasters still happen). I’m afraid crises will continue to escort us in 2024, whether they’re fake pandemics, cyber attacks, crises in energy, climate, food, agriculture, finance, identity and cultural manipulations, wars, bloodshed and violence, or even spiritual and religious wars. (I touched on this end of a cycle with Mark Moss on our latest podcast). Regardless of their nature and origin, these crises will probably increase in 2024 - so we need to buckle up.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; while the matrix can be gruesome, our newly created realities can be magnificent. If we devote our time to educating ourselves on topics such as politics, economics, self-sustainability, sovereignty and spirituality, we’re investing our energies effectively, to help us better deal with and navigate our lives, as well as building a better reality for generations to come. I encourage you to educate yourselves on topics you’re perhaps not interested in, this can greatly help in 2024 onwards. My podcast is a good place to start, and if you join my social media channels you’ll find many more sources which will branch you out to great people, each with a wealth of knowledge.

On a personal note

I’m sitting here in Melbourne, Australia - the last place I thought I’d be at the end of 2023 - dealing with one of those changes I was referring to above: some personal family matters. On top of that there’s a bloody war in Israel/Gaza which has many ripple effects on me and my close community (I’ll share more content on the war soon), while Agenda 2030 continues to be rolled out - which I monitor closely. Add to that my growing interest in the fields of money, finance & economics - which means I spend quite a bit of my time learning and educating myself. Running my new content & podcasting business is very rewarding, yet hectic! I think it’s clear: my life is full of action these days, but I always take time to sit still, meditate, observe, be with loved ones and enjoy life.

I’d like to extend my huge thank you to you, my readers and subscribers, for supporting me on my mission in service of humanity: shedding light on hidden truths, build awareness, and discuss with prominent figures how to build sovereignty. 
Your comments, messages and sharing of my work make it all worth while.

Wishing you a peaceful 2024 amidst the storm, may you embrace it with ease and grace, enjoy life, laugh a lot, and spend time in nature.

♥ Efrat

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