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Breaking Barriers: Women, Bitcoin, and Financial Literacy - You're The Voice Ep. 27 with Natalie Brunell


"Financial literacy needs to spread. I just want to help people with the education of Bitcoin and I want the general public to find it approachable."

🎙️ My guest today is

, a journalist, podcaster, Bitcoin educator, and business and financial media commentator. Natalie is also one of the most prominent female figures in Bitcoin today, leading the industry with grace and professionalism, and as such she’s an inspiration to many. In this episode Natalie takes us back to her roots which led her career to Media and into the world of Bitcoin. She discusses her upbringing in a family that valued hard work and openly shared the challenges they faced in Poland, in the US after immigrating and during the financial crisis. Natalie explains how Bitcoin transformed her perspective on money and gave her hope for a future of prosperity and abundance. We talked about a topic we’re both passionate about: the importance of women speaking up, expressing themselves, and claiming authority in their fields. We then discussed the importance of financial literacy and the role of Bitcoin in education, and lastly we touched on podcasting, censorship and independent journalism. Natalie prefers focusing on solutions rather than problems, and highlights the importance of learning, being humble and valuable to others.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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My takeaways from this episode:

  • Women should embrace their unique qualities and not feel the need to conform to masculine standards in order to succeed in their fields.

  • Taking small steps and embracing discomfort can lead to increased confidence and personal growth.

  • Financial literacy is crucial, and it is important to stand up for your value and know your worth.

  • Bitcoin can be an entry point for people who want to learn about money and decentralization.

  • Censorship is here, and Bitcoin provides a tool against censorship and centralized control.

  • Bitcoin can transform our perspective on money and provide hope for a future of prosperity.

  • Learning, being humble, and providing value to others are key to personal and societal development.

We talked about: 

00:00 - Coming Up...
02:17 - Introduction, Natalie's Childhood & Personal Story
10:00 - Why Did Natalie Start Her Podcast?
12:27 - Ad Break
14:26 - Natalie's Engagement
15:11 - About Coin Stories
17:57 - First Money & Bitcoin Experiences
21:15 - Speaking Out as a Woman
25:22 - Courage in Starting Up, Speaking Out
28:10 - Entry Points for Financial Literacy
31:10 - The New Media World
38:50 - Bitcoin: A Solution for Censorship & So Much More
43:26 - Bitcoin in 5 & 10 Years
45:22 - The Power of Learning, Humility, and Providing Value

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