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CBDCs, Stablecoins & Zoom In on Israel [Guest Podcast]

On TNE Podcast with Jeffrey Peel

🎙️ Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by

for Podcast, about my latest article “The Digitalization of Money” and beyond. We discussed globalists, governments & central banks’ plan to  digitize money, using CBDCs and stablecoins, and the role of Bitcoin in the changing financial landscape. I emphasized the importance of understanding the monetary system and how it is tied to various global events and agendas. The conversation zoomed in on Ripple’s role as a CBDC leader, on Israel’s progress with CBDCs, and more broadly Israel’s role as “The World’s Lab”. I ended with the need for individuals to take control of their own financial sovereignty.

Link to my referenced article:

The full episode is now on YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Rumble and more.
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The episode is also on TNE Substack:

The New Era
Efrat Fenigson on CBDCs, Bitcoin and Israel
In this interview I chat with Efrat Fenigson after the publication of her article in Bitcoin Magazine on the ‘digitisation of money’. I start by asking her about how she came to write the piece - inspired by a conversation featured here on TNE a few weeks ago (between Mark Goodwin and Whitney Webb…
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My takeaways from this episode:

  • Understanding the monetary system is crucial to navigate the changing financial landscape.

  • Stablecoins and CBDCs play a significant role in the globalization of the dollar and the financial system.

  • Stablecoin companies in parallel to nation states will help the US increase its global debt.

  • Ripple's partnership with governments and central banks raises questions about its alignment with the establishment.

  • Financial education is essential to empower individuals and challenge the existing monetary system.

  • Bitcoin offers an alternative and decentralized solution for financial sovereignty.

We talked about: 

00:00 Introduction & Inspiration for Efrat's Article
05:25 Stablecoins and the Globalization of the Dollar
08:47 The Astonishing Link Between Tether and US Debt
09:56 Ripple (XRP): The Ideal CBDC Partner for Gov. & Central Banks?
14:28 Argentina's Millei's Monetary Strategy
15:55 CBDC Progress is Israel
21:22 Israel, "The World's Lab": Covid, CBDC, Oct. 7th
25:43 The Sellout of Citizens and the Death of Democracy
28:32 Another Detail About Ripple
30:46 Separation of Money & State Will Lead to Individuals' Reclaim of Power

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