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Natural Hope & Courage In A Corrupt World - You're The Voice Ep. 25: Prof. Ian Brighthope

Ian believes health is about making people healthy, not just treating the sick.

🎙️ My guest today is Professor Ian Brighthope (

), award winning therapist and physician with 49 years of practice, an academic, an agricultural scientist and a specialist in nutritional, herbal and environmental medicine. Ian founded or led clinics, schools, councils & initiatives of integrative and natural medicine for the past 45 years. 

In this episode, Ian shares his journey, his frustration with conventional medicine, and his exploration of alternative approaches. He shares his historical success in treating HIV/AIDS patients with nutritional medicine and the challenges he faced during that time, vs. the challenges during Covid. He criticizes governments and globalists that led the Covid-19 agenda, discusses the influence of Big Pharma on the medical industry, and the long-term damages of lockdowns. He also touches on Covid jabs’ injuries, the health risks of the jabs as well as childhood vaccines.

This episode is also full of hope and solutions, covering cannabis & psilocybin for treatments, and the paths humanity can choose to walk in.

Ian believes health is about making people healthy, not just treating the sick.

* Apologies for the grainy video quality, feel free to listen to audio only.

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My takeaways from this episode:

  • Health is about making people healthy, not just treating the sick

  • Courageous medical professionals are needed in order to save humanity from falling into the dangerous path of big pharma, big food and global control

  • Intravenous Vitamin C treatment is underrated and can save lives & treat many illnesses

  • Cannabis and psilocybin have amazing therapeutic benefits and should be further researched

  • Natural health approaches such as nutrition and plant medicine are highly effective in treating various conditions

We talked about: 

00:00 - Coming Up in This Episode
00:50 - Introduction & Ian’s Background
03:00 - Early Medical Career & Frustration with Conventional Medicine
04:30 - Alternative Approaches to Medicine
11:20 - Treating HIV/AIDS with Nutritional Medicine, Especially Intravenous Vitamin C
19:20 - Australia's Reaction to COVID-19
22:20 - COVID-19 Inquiry & the Need for a Royal Commission
28:30 - Corruption in the Medical Industry & the Influence of Big Pharma
36:20 - Impact of COVID-19 Measures & Lockdowns
39:20 - Fauci, AZT & HIV AIDS
40:40 - Australia’s Plandemic Effects & Economic Damage
43:10 - Toxics in the Central Nervous System
45:00 - Childhood Vaccines 
49:40 - Treatments Using Cannabis
59:20 - Genetic Manipulations & Engineering
1:04:10 - The Power of Psilocybin
1:12:10 - Humanity Evolving & A Message of Hope
1:19:00 - Revealing the Truth
1:21:00 - Follow Ian & His Work

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