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Control vs. Freedom - You're The Voice Ep. 28 with Senator Malcolm Roberts

A powerful, 2-hour long episode, full of truth bombs from down under.

"It's not left versus right. It's control versus freedom."

🎙️ My guest today is Senator Malcolm Roberts, an Australian politician from Queensland and a member of the Australian Senate. With a background in engineering, mining, business and economics, Senator Roberts is a climate realist, challenging mainstream climate science and exposing lies in this field. Unlike most politicians these days, Senator Roberts is a Truth teller and does not shy away from any topic: public health, Covid, immigration, finance, economics, sexual education for children and more. 

In this episode we talk about the anti-human globalist agenda and how it manifested in Australia over the past few years. We cover the Senator’s fight against climate fraud, his efforts to help Covid-19 jabs injured, to expose excess deaths and more, while holding politicians accountable, encouraging people to reclaim their power. The Senator criticizes the centralization of government and the media by globalists, introducing new levels of censorship on Australians. The conversation concludes with monetary and economic changes in Australia, including the move to a cashless society, CBDC, digital IDs, 15-minute cities and more. 

The senator highlights the importance of simplicity and the power of individual responsibility in creating positive change and waking people up to the truth. He concludes with a message of hope, urging individuals to be proud of their humanity and to share information to help others become informed.

I’m aware this episode is almost 2 hours long, grab a coffee, or take it in parts! 

Due to censorship, I won’t be adding the full episode to YouTube. Watch it here, on Twitter, Rumble, Spotify or more.  

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We talked about: 

00:00 Coming Up...
01:06 Introduction to Senator Roberts
03:19 Politicians in Today's Reality
11:06 Ad Break: Trezor, Bitcoin Nashville, BTC Prague
13:03 Why Politics?
16:56 About Human Progress 
23:04 Australian Politics & Activism
25:02 Political Structure in Australia
28:47 Balancing the Exaggerated Power of the State 
30:38 Truth Telling, Simplicity & Education
35:02 Efrat's Resistance to Green Pass During Covid
38:01 Senator's Climate Fraud Views
44:30 How To Break The Narrative?
49:21 Admitting Being Fooled About Covid
55:40 Excess Death & Vaxx Injuries in Australia
01:03:08 Australia's During Covid & Bigger Picture
01:12:46 Compensation Plan For Vaxx Injured
01:14:24 Media, Censorship & Fear in Australia
01:22:04 Role of Regulation, Legislation, Censorship
01:26:53 CBDC & Digital IDs in Australia
01:32:29 Globalists Vision For Useless Eaters
01:33:58 Money Agenda, Cashless Society & How To Fight Back
01:44:05 Protecting Your Wealth & Family
01:48:04 Bitcoin & Nation States
01:50:01 Globalists Control & A Message Of Hope

Short clip about Digital IDs, 15-minute cities and surveillance:

My takeaways from this episode:

  • The Australian government is suppressing adverse reactions and deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccines. Jab injured are not being compensated or helped properly. 

  • The Australian government has implemented COVID measures that have eroded civil liberties.

  • The people have the power to hold politicians accountable and take back control.

  • The centralization of government and control of the media by globalists has led to a lack of accountability and a loss of freedom.

  • Climate fraud and the manipulation of data by organizations like the CSIRO need to be exposed and challenged.

  • There is a lack of scientific consensus and evidence on climate change, and mainstream media promotes a false narrative.

  • Simplicity and individual responsibility are key in creating positive change.

  • The people must wake up, question the narrative, and take action to protect their rights and freedoms.

  • Media censorship is a growing concern, and independent journalism is needed. The media is manipulative and uses various tactics to control the narrative and shape public opinion.

  • Cashless societies and Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are prepared by governments. Alternative forms of wealth preservation, such as cash, gold, and Bitcoin, can provide protection against financial collapse.

  • The globalist agenda seeks to control and manipulate societies, but people waking up and sharing information can counteract their influence.

  • It is important to be proud of our humanity and to protect individual sovereignty in the face of increasing control and manipulation.

Let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments!

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