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Accelerating Fair Money & Sovereignty - You're The Voice Ep. 29 with Samson Mow

Discussing fair money, self sovereignty, financial crashes & changes, bank accounts closures, Canada’s violation of rights, nation state adoption of bitcoin and more!

"What do you predict that's going to happen with the fiat price of Bitcoin? 
I think we're going to see a million$ this year."

🎙️ My guest today is Samson Mow, CEO of JAN3, a Bitcoin technology company focused on accelerating hyperbitcoinization. Samson is best known for his work with El Salvador’s Bitcoin initiatives, and his efforts in nation-state Bitcoin adoption around the world. In this episode we discuss hyperbitcoinization and the role of nation-states in accelerating Bitcoin adoption, as well as the importance of grassroots initiatives and aligning incentives with governments to promote adoption. Samson provides examples from Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Argentina, Indonesia, Suriname and El Salvador.

Samson believes hyperbitcoinization is inevitable and that the transition from the fiat system to a Bitcoin standard will happen rapidly within the next five to ten years. He highlights the flaws of the current monetary system and the potential for Bitcoin to restore balance and empower individuals. We touch on the weaponization of money by governments, the trend of freezing bank accounts, and the need for Bitcoin to separate money from the state. Samson emphasizes that Bitcoin can fix these issues by changing people's mindset and making them less fearful. Samson also talks about the differences between stablecoins and Bitcoin, the launch of Aqua wallet and his price prediction for Bitcoin - $1M in 2024!

  • "Hyperbitcoinization is an inevitability. And we are just speeding it up a little bit."

  • "Hyperbitcoinization is a combination of grassroots initiatives and nation-state adoption."

  • "I believe Bitcoin can fix this because Bitcoin changes people. It makes them less scared of the world, more hopeful."

*Note re. Argentina: since March when we recorded this episode, Argentina announced Mandatory Registry For Bitcoin And Crypto Platforms.

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We talked about: 

00:00 Coming Up...
01:17 Introduction & Samson's Background
04:29 Gaming Money & Fiat Money Parallels
08:44 Ad Break: Trezor, Bitcoin Nashville, BTC Prague
10:41 Understanding Hyperbitcoinization
11:46 Bitcoin Is Coming: Countries Aren't Prepared
18:10 Ideal Adoption Scenario
19:52 Bitcoin in Indonesia, Suriname, Argentina & More
22:44 Can Governments Be Trusted? 
24:19 Bitcoin's Potential to Restore Balance & Empower Individuals
27:24 Countries Holding Bitcoin
28:38 The Weaponization of Money
31:10 Bitcoin's Role in Empowering Individuals
34:30 Samson's Vision: How Bitcoin Fixes Governments
37:25 The Road from Stabecoins to Bitcoin, Aqua Wallet
42:55 Bitcoin Decouples From Legacy Markets
44:26 Price Prediction: Bitcoin to $1 Million in 2024! 
46:40 Bitcoin for Beginners & How to Engage JAN3 With Your Government

My takeaways from this episode:

  • Samson predicts that the price of Bitcoin could reach one million dollars by 2024, citing the suppressed price due to fraudulent activities and the increasing demand from ETFs.

  • Individuals can start their Bitcoin journey by getting a small amount of Bitcoin in a wallet and experiencing the freedom and control it provides over their own money.

  • Hyperbitcoinization, the moment when Bitcoin becomes the world's dominant form of money, is an inevitability.

  • Grassroots initiatives and nation-state adoption are both important in accelerating Bitcoin adoption.

  • Aligning incentives with governments, such as through mining projects, can facilitate Bitcoin adoption.

  • Bitcoin has the potential to restore balance and empower individuals by removing the ability of governments to manipulate money. 

  • Governments have the power to weaponize money by imposing restrictions and freezing bank accounts, which highlights the need for individuals to have control over their own money through Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin can fix the issues of government control and financial censorship by changing people's mindset and making them less fearful of the world.

  • Stablecoins, such as Tether, are centralized but can serve as a stepping stone for people to enter the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  • Bitcoin has the potential to decouple from traditional markets, as seen in moments when Bitcoin's price surges while the stock market remains flat or declines.

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