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‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ with Jeff Booth - You're The Voice Ep. 31

Jeff is a very special person, he's a deep-thinker, sensitive and authentic. I think you'll enjoy this conversation.

“Bitcoin is repricing everything else.
My house was 300 Bitcoin four years ago, now it's 25 Bitcoin.”

🎙️ My guest today is Jeff Booth, a brilliant teacher and mentor, entrepreneur, investor and General Partner at ego death capital. He’s also a bestselling author of “The Price of Tomorrow”.

In this episode we discuss Jeff’s insights as an entrepreneur and investor in the Bitcoin ecosystem, explaining how bitcoin is repricing the world, while prices fall to the marginal cost of production. 

Jeff highlights the importance of understanding the true risks of the existing financial system vs. the perception of risk for bitcoin. He covers the potential for Bitcoin-related companies to provide significant value, and the flow of money into the bitcoin industry. We explore the importance of marketing for companies (where we don’t necessarily agree), and address the fear of AI and its impact on society, highlighting the potential for control and manipulation.
Sharing his spiritual viewpoint, Jeff talks about the importance of opting out of the control system, and embracing the freedom and abundance offered by Bitcoin. He concludes with the potential for scaling solutions like Lightning and federated models.

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We talked about: 

00:00 Coming Up...
02:04 Intro to Jeff
03:29 Jeff's Entrepreneurial Journey
05:12 Technology's Prices Falling & System Designed to Steal
07:34 Ad Break - Trezor, Bitcoin Nashville, BTC Prague
09:31 Prices Fall to the Marginal Cost of Production
12:16 The Importance of Decentralization and Security
15:18 Running a Bitcoin Node
19:35 Bitcoin Market Manipulation Attempts
22:00 Risks of Bitcoin vs. the Existing System
26:42 The Ego Death Fund: Investing in Bitcoin Companies
31:27 Investing in Bitcoin Startups
33:32 Flow of Investments Into The Bitcoin Industry
36:39 Is Bitcoin VC Game Different To Fiat VC Game?
42:44 Do Bitcoin Companies Need Good Marketing?
45:18 Jeff's Prediction on AI
49:22 Human Consciousness, Energy & Victimhood
57:43 Future Development Above Layer2, Fedi
1:01:40 Where To Follow Jeff

My takeaways from this episode:

  • Understanding the true risks of the existing financial system is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

  • Bitcoin is repricing the world and has the potential to provide significant value.

  • Investing in Bitcoin-related companies can offer venture-type returns on top of the potential gains from holding Bitcoin.

  • The Ego Death Fund focuses on investing in Bitcoin companies that are building the new utilities of the future.

  • The Bitcoin ecosystem offers opportunities for growth and profitability. The Bitcoin industry is experiencing a significant flow of money coming in.

  • The ecosystem is growing rapidly, similar to the early days of the internet, but it is still in its early stages compared to the internet boom of the late 1990s.

  • Scaling solutions like Lightning and federated models, have the potential to revolutionize the Bitcoin ecosystem and enable limitless community banks.

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