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The ‘New World Order’ of Bitcoin with David Bailey - You're The Voice Ep. 30

A dynamic, yet deep discussion about Capitalism, Freedom & Bitcoin.

🎙️ My guest today is David Bailey, an evangelist for the decentralized future, CEO and co-founder of BTC Inc., the creator of the Bitcoin Conferences around the world, and Bitcoin Magazine.

In this episode we discuss Capitalism, Freedom & Bitcoin. David shares his journey into the world of Bitcoin and the founding of BTC Inc. He discusses the ups and downs of the Bitcoin market and the evolution of the Bitcoin conference. Bailey emphasizes the power of Bitcoin as the hope for a new world order, an equalizer and antidote to centralized power, with a potential to bring about a financial collapse and rebuild a more effective financial system and a better future. We also discuss the big picture agenda behind the control of the financial system and the dilution of the dollar. David believes war with China and BRICS nations is inevitable as the US tries to protect its hegemony. Lastly, we discuss the significance of bringing dissident voices like Snowden, Assange and others to the forefront to expose truths, and David shares his prediction for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Ultimately, he believes Bitcoin cannot be stopped and will lead to the triumph of freedom and capitalism.

*This is the article David referred to in the episode.

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We talked about: 

00:00 Coming Up...
01:25 Introduction & Background
02:18 David Discovers Bitcoin in 2012 and Goes All In
05:23 Ad Break: Trezor, Bitcoin Nashville, BTC Prague
07:21 David's Background Cont'd
09:44 Financial Roller Coaster & Starting the Bitcoin Conference
12:07 Expanding the Bitcoin Conference Globally
15:55 Bitcoin is the Greatest Conspiracy 
17:36 Bitcoin as an Equalizer and Antidote to Centralized Power
21:20 Bitcoin's Natural Properties & Cycles
24:14 Bitcoin & Time
26:12 Cancel Culture, Controversial Topics, Pursuit of Truth
29:09 New World Order & Monetary System Changes
33:02 Bitcoin's Role in the New World Order
35:19 A Bitcoin Mindset
40:05 Bringing Dissident Voices to the Forefront
42:59 Orange-Pilling RFK & Canadian Trucker Protests
47:37 The Importance of Snowden and Assange
49:45 CBDCs - David's Prediction
53:20 The Inevitability of Bitcoin's Success

My takeaways from this episode:

  • The control of the financial system and the dilution of the dollar are part of a big picture agenda to maintain the status quo and protect the hegemony of the US.

  • Bitcoin can be compared to a countercultural movement, with its principles of freedom, sovereignty, and capitalism.

  • Awakening to the truth and embracing the principles of Bitcoin can lead to a deeper understanding of the bigger game at play.

  • Bringing dissident voices like Snowden and Assange to the forefront is important in championing freedom and exposing the power structures.

  • CBDCs are likely to fail in David’s view and are a threat to freedom, while Bitcoin offers a decentralized alternative.

  • Bitcoin cannot be stopped and will lead to the triumph of freedom and capitalism.

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