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Golden Insights: Bitcoin, Gold & Economic Conundrums - You're The Voice Ep. 24: Lawrence Lepard

Lawrence is an experienced gold, silver & bitcoin investor, with a BA in Economics, & MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. We had a great chat, dive in!

🎙️ My guest today is Lawrence (Larry) Lepard, an experienced gold, silver and bitcoin investor, the Founder and Managing Partner of Equity Management Associates focusing on monetary debasement insurance through investments in precious metals and bitcoin, formerly a venture capital investor, with a BA in Economics from Colgate University, and MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School.

In this episode we discuss the importance of sound money and the flaws of the current monetary system. Larry explains the role of gold and Bitcoin in protecting against monetary debasement and highlights the need for a fair economy. He educates gold admirers about Bitcoin and the potential for a Bitcoin standard. 

We touched on the challenges of government intervention, wall street price manipulations, and the potential for hyperinflation. We also dive into the psychology behind financial crises with concrete past examples such as 1971, 2008 and more.

The full episode is now on YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Rumble, Fountain and more:

My takeaways from this episode:

  • The current monetary system is broken and leads to wealth inequality and unfairness.

  • Gold was the sound money choice before Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is a better form of money with limited supply.

  • Bitcoin has the potential to create a fair and efficient economy and reduce poverty and wars, while offering more than just financial benefits: it represents a movement towards freedom & sovereignty in the face of failing monetary systems.

  • Bitcoin, gold, and silver are potential alternatives to fiat currencies in a sound money crisis, with Bitcoin offering the advantages of decentralization and limited supply.

  • Bitcoin offers the opportunity for self-sovereignty and control over one's wealth.

  • The future of Bitcoin is promising, but government intervention and adoption challenges may arise. The current economic situation may lead to a sound money crisis, and Bitcoin can serve as a hedge against the devaluation of fiat currencies.

  • The speed of information transfer in today's interconnected world can lead to rapid market reactions and potential financial crises.

  • Pension funds may be at risk in a sound money crisis, consider diversifying investments to include Bitcoin and gold.

  • The 2008 financial collapse was a result of control fraud and the socialization of Wall Street losses, leading to a lack of accountability for financial institutions.

We talked about: 

00:00 - Coming up in this episode
01:10 - Introduction & Larry’s Background
04:40 - The Battle for Sound Money
06:00 - Bitcoin's Impact on Monetary Debasement
07:00 - Introducing Bitcoin to Gold Admirers
14:15 - The Need for a Fair Monetary System
15:00 - The Keynesian Economy and the Problem of Funny Money
20:20 - Would America Adopt a Bitcoin Standard?
22:40 - Wall Street / BlackRock ETFs & Implications for Bitcoin
24:00 - The Possibility of Government Intervention
25:52 - Possible 6201 Scenario & Self-Custody Importance
29:20 - Bitcoin Ecosystem Maturity - We're Still So Early!
36:00 - Future Predictions - Is a Financial Collapse Coming? 
39:00 - Silicon Valley Bank Crash
40:30 - Gresham's Law and Hyperinflation
43:20 - The Potential Manipulation of Bitcoin's Price
47:20 - "It's Going Up Forever, Laura"
49:00 - Pension Funds
54:00 - Real Estate & 2008 Great Financial Collapse
01:01:20 - Gold & Bitcoin for Older Investors
01:08:00 - Larry's Activity & Fun Character

Please let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments!

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