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The UN Imposes Internet Censorship: "We Are In an Information War"

With antisemitism being the next pretext to further tighten the censorship belt on free speech, let’s recall the globalists previous excuse to censor the truth:

During a speech at the Nobel Prize ceremony on May 2023, UN spokesperson Melissa Fleming declared a “war against misinformation": surprise surprise, on the topics of Covid and climate change.

"We are in an information war ... and we need to massively increase our response," Fleming declared in her recent speech at the Noble Prize ceremony. It seems that the UN is stepping up its war against what it calls misinformation and disinformation on the topics of Covid and climate “crisis”, while increasing pressure for total control and moderation of information on the Internet.

In her speech, Fleming accused X (formerly Twitter) of spreading misinformation and hate speech: "Of course, firings at Twitter left us with no one to work with to flag offensive content or even content that incites violence," she explains. "Now we see that almost anyone can promote Disinformation for the price of a blue tick (Twitter subscription)." But she adds that all is not lost because they have an "army of trusted messengers" who take the UN's content, promote it on the platform, thus slowing down the spread of "disinformation", as if it was the new virus. Are you paying attention to the same propaganda jargon used during Covid? "The new slogan we want everyone to hear when they surf the Internet is 'pause, take care, before you share'."

Finally, Fleming reveals the UN's latest development in the information war: "We're creating at the UN a central capacity to monitor and also have the ability to rapidly react when mis, disinformation and hate speech is threatening not just our people and our operations, but also the issues and the causes that we're working on." Their goal is to set global standards "that we can all support so that we can work collectively for a more humane Internet." - as expected, it’s for our own good.

The Quiet Part Out Loud

Looking back to an interview by Ms. Fleming at the 2022 World Economic, she said that "we own the science, and we need the world to know it", and on that interview she revealed the way the UN (and other globalists) are working with big tech companies such as Google - influencing search results to present information that is considered "verified" by the UN, while hiding and censoring information that does not match the institutional narrative.

Watch Full Speech:

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